Life in Mumbai
With dreams in their eyes and desires in their heart 
All they aspire in life is a humble start 
People walk in and it warmly embraces them all 
Mumbai, the city of dreams it is rightly called
Local trains running incessantly are it’s invaluable lifeline
Always a panicky hustle bustle at the peak of time 
Once seated people get busy doing their own things
A few even catch their precious couple of winks 
The busy feet and the even busier young minds
Are tirelessly and relentlessly simply working overtime 
They never somehow realize where to put a fullstop
Trying to meet ends meet by working round the clock 
Mumbai, an unrestful city that never ever sleeps 
Amchi Mumbai , a city that is always on its feet
A place that is always bustling with vibrant life 
Despite adversities manages to keep afloat with its spirit alive
A place for weaving futures is the buzzing Marine drive 
People spend hours watching the sea and overcast skies 
A good number of health fanatics you can easily trace
Panting and puffing while preparing for a marathon race 
Street food of the city is famous across the globe
They are the only solace in situations difficult to cope 
The richest man and the poorest 
share the same living space
An unbridgeable gap only a bounteous city like Mumbai can erase 
The snarling traffic and pot holes on the roads 
Tourists and visitors are forever ready to loathe 
No one but only a Mumbaikar will truly understand 
Why Mumbai is still the heartbeat of every man 

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