Basic nature of a person has a lot to do with his upbringing and atmosphere at home. The values inculcated become the nature of a person. What a child sees in the surrounding ,he adopts them. With Kittu I feel this is exactly what has happened. We have not treated her any different than our older child and she isn’t given any special privileges. She observes and learns….We have maintained a very normal atmosphere in the house…never made it obvious there is a special child in the house. The only concern would be safety….We are always extra cautious there…otherwise ours been a regular household.

Her basic nature is that of a very happy go lucky person. She carries a pleasing demeanor and spreads smiles and happiness wherever she goes. She is a happy child and that comes across very distinctly when she responds to people.She communicates in her distorted language but one thing that is quite visible is the happiness. It is a pleasure to watch how she interacts with not only people within the periphery but strangers too. We rarely have seen her go unnoticed.People acknowledge her presence and  have a word or two with her, pass a smile or carry a warm look in their eye…she draws that affection from one and all…she is very endearing..

Apart from this there are other things that make her special. She is a very sensitive child.She senses others pain and hurt easily. She has her own ways of showing empathy and expresses her concern in her own unique ways. There have been times when a member of the family was in and out of hospital. She always ensured to ask if they were better and that made all the difference…and yes…she is a very observant child. She acknowledges if someone does something for her. “Thank you ” is a phrase that comes to her naturally.  She is a well behaved child generally until she decides to throw a tantrum out of the blues. Most of her demands have been met in a justified manner so she is a satisfied child….we give her attention she requires so that helps in her being a content soul. If you ignore the child for too long…they become insanely demanding.

Kittu with all her beautiful traits also is a very moody and a stubborn child. She is an opportunist and knows when to get her way out, specially with her mom around. But that happens with all the children…so doesn’t make her an exception…isn’t it…but she is a pleasure to have in the house…keeps the mood upbeat and spirits high…..and yes, keeps me on my toes!


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