After 2 days of driving sessions with my first instructor Sitara, a very soft spoken and docile person, I had to stop my driving classes due to some commitments in my daughters’ schools. Now another issue was if you stop your classes without an intimation, you lose the amount for the classes. Atleast you need to inform them 2 days in advance to save this loss and also you will have to wait for them to assign a new instructor to you if the previous one has already been assigned a new student. ooofffff….complicated. But it’s unavoidable as sometimes you may just have something important come up….like in my case.
Well this post is dedicated to my new instructor Krishna who was instrumental in my road to success. Success?? well apart from getting the licence in one attempt, she inspired me and guided me sufficiently to gain the confidence to do so. So I said success.Krishna was a total contrast from Sitara. Krishna, a stern Sri Lankan, with a crisp voice and a straight face, a person who rarely smiled. That made me nervous each time I sat down beside her for the class.  She motivated me not with any kind of appreciation but a lot of negative reinforcement. Sometimes that works better as you get the urgency to prove the other person wrong that….yes I can do it when they may think and prove to you otherwise. I feel apart from the dedication and sincerity with which she guided me through the 20 sessions it was also the discipline that she maintained throughout. that actually helped. She was a very punctual lady, unlike many at the center.  The stories some other students shared made me thank my stars for making Krishna my new instructor. The switch I guess worked for me. I was always like a little child trying to please her with my best performance. ..but not once she uttered the golden words “good”. I would be very disappointed then, but now when I sit back and think, I feel that attitude of hers motivated me to perform better.I always dreaded going for my classes with Krishna as her harsh words would haunt me and make me tense. Driving would become more difficult.  But I would like to give her full credit for bringing out the best in me,and instilling the confidence in me. I’ll share the rest in my next post.

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