When the abandoned moon smiles in the pitch dark sky
When the stars try to keep pace with the glitter of the moon
When the restless waves play around in mischief
Solitary I stroll on oceanfront to their dancing tune
When the breeze hums an indelible song in my ears
And sends a cold shiver down my spine
Whispering the deepest desires that remain unfulfilled
Your thoughts and memories cross my lonely mind
My bare feet sink deeper into the marshy land
My heart flutters like a frivolous butterfly
The hopes soar and drop with each rise and ebb 
Keeping my spirits indomitable and high
When the palms sway to the tunes of the playful wind
And Moon’s reflection plays on the silvery waves
Pebbles I throw create ripples as I sense you emerge
Nature is witness for you how my heart craves
I turn back and realise its all an illusion 
A fire of separation once again makes me yearn
Your Memories tonight here I leave behind 
Till tomorrow to meet you when I shall again return

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