As we talk of “First Earnings” ,instantly we tend to go down memory lane. We are engulfed by myriad emotions. We hold on to those precious memories forever. When this theme was shared , an instant smile crossed my face. It was such a happy moment, how can I forget it, my first experience with financial freedom. Before this, it was dependency on parents for a meagre pocket money. The weight of my desires and wish-list was heavier and the list longer than the currency note in my pocket . So the moment of first salary freezes in time.  My first job in Maurya Sheraton hotel, as a housekeeper fetched me a salary of 2700 Rs in September 1991. The feeling is inexplicable.
I had got few lessons from my parents about how to wisely invest and use our hard earned money . So, as soon as I received the hotel envelope ( biscuit colour❤️) with a think wad of currency, I smiled in glee, thanked the HR Manager and headed straight to the shopper’s hub, Janpath. To keep my parents’ words, I bought my first Titan watch ( was on top of my wish-list) and crossed the road to my favorite spot for buying trendy clothes from Janpath kiosks (aahh the feeling was so liberating). I almost shopped till I dropped. I took a bus and headed  home, not forgetting to stop at my favourite snack shop on the way to pick up hot samosas to treat my parents. Small pleasures of life you see! My parents were very proud , but not for long,lol. I overdid the freedom bit and exhausted all my money much before the month end. And that was the last time my dad gave me money , mind you … only for the DTC bus tickets, to and fro from work. This taught me to control my expenses and manage my finances to last me a month and also open a recurring deposit in the bank.


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