First step taken we head for the bigger task at hand in Delhi. After an enjoyable weekend, the doctor’s visit on Monday had us all jittery. It may not be a big deal for many but for us it was like climbing Mt Everest.It wasn’t easy in doctor’s chamber too. Dr Kishore, Kittu’s ENT surgeon wasn’t too happy with her reports. There were multiple issues that needed to be addressed, of course with our consent. We didn’t have a choice, we wanted to trust the doctor’s decision for Kittu’s benefit. We had gone with a mindset for getting tonsillectomy procedure done,but the doctor felt addressing her adenoids and ear fluids would be beneficial in the long run. So what was to be a mini procedure turned out to be a complete ENT surgery.We decided to go ahead with it.

So we had Kittu admitted in the hospital as per the schedule. Our regular conversation about this helped her to be mentally prepared for what was to come. All the formalities that followed made me more nervous than Kittu with millions of questions crossing my mind. Will she cooperate? What if she throws a tantrum out of fear? Will she let the doctors examine her? Will she be scared of the OT, a number of assistants and surgical instruments surrounding her? The thoughts never ceased to worry  but I maintained a calm demeanor,a brave front for her sake, I was her pillar of strength through those trying times. And I feel grateful to all who stood by us through those tough moments. Family & friends who were physically present there to give us the moral support & those who couldn’t be, through their wishes & prayers. These surely helped us sail through some tough times.

Once in the room, she cooperated with the nurse and got into the hospital attire without much ado. But in her heart she knew all was not well, she still managed to put up a brave front. Hats off to her spirit. Then followed the much dreaded IV procedure and other check up formality. Just to keep her pepped up through those 5 to 6 hours before the surgery was a task for us. But Kittu supported us in all the ways she could. Finally the moment arrived for her to be shifted to the OT. Our little girl bravely moved from the bed to the wheelchair, saying her byes to all those waiting with her in the room, not for once losing her charm and that smile she is so known for. Everyone in the room pepped her up with their best of luck wishes and she was wheeled away, escorted by me. My heart was in my mouth, reaching out to her, feeling very proud for the strength she had shown.

All through the next one hour in the waiting lounge outside the OT till she was moved into it, she kept me smiling, with her “kuch nahi” constantly being mumbled from a weak soul. I feel so proud of her. The anesthetist mentioned to me that with kids its always an issue to give anesthesia as they do not cooperate. So he wanted me to be in the OT while they gave her oral anesthesia.She got paranoid looking at so many people in OT uniforms surrounding her. I just held on to her hand tightly, transferring as much strength I could to her, through my touch. The doctor displayed the anesthesia procedure to her and she cooperated bravely by doing it the same way he did….and she was fast asleep through the 1 hour 40 mins surgery and till I met her almost 2 hours later. Weak and feeble, recovering from the effect of anesthesia, in pain and helpless. My heart reached out to her. I just sat by her side, holding her tender hand for the next couple of hours….just wanting to help her in any ways I could…but I couldn’t. Once back in the room, she was surrounded by her well wishers, her family and people who loved her. That helped her to forget her pain and interact with them silently, she was too weak to talk much.

What followed was a post surgery difficult two weeks,  discharge from the hospital, follow ups & diet control and medications. But Kittu ensured she followed all instructions given by doctor, making the post surgery care and recovery a bit easy for us….now she is completely healed, her surgery helps her in her speech, she needs to put less efforts now so she is more vocal, which boosts her confidence, she sleeps better now and breathes better….a difficult one month…but relief for a lifetime…Kittu crosses another hurdle….successfully!!!


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