Every time she decided to just walk away 
Their memories together kept her tied to him
Each step that she took to distance herself
Created a vacuum in her heart which was impossible to fill
The time spent together flashed before her moist eyes
The tender love and care they had always shared
They did not need to utter a single word between them as 
Millions of words were always silently expressed
The cravings to be with him only grew stronger
She could not hold herself back any longer
Fighting the battle that raged within her incessantly 
She gathered her guts and decided to return instantly
She retraced every step with a firm determination 
Wiping away the tears, the cause of all frustration 
They were meant to be together she always realised
Tears would be of remorse and ultimate realisation
They would stop short of a few steps between them
The longing to hold each other ever so strong
Promise of never to part again in future
Coz this is where they both did belong 

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An entrepreneur in HR field with previous work experience in education, hotels and training., I enjoy my journey of life trying to make my 16 year old daughter diagnosed with Down Syndrome, independent and well integrated into the society. Being a typical Taurean, I take life head on and am ready to face challenges with a perennial smile. A passionate poet, I love to spread sunshine through my poetry that touch souls.


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