Once we settled into our home, the next on the agenda was to make rounds of the respective schools to get the admissions done for the girls. New job for my husband, no vehicle….only added to our woes. We were new in Dubai and the best support we got was from the cabbies, I guess they would sense we are new and are not sure where we want to go. So immediately they would say….do you know the place? We don’t, we tried to look confident each time we were asked the question. Cabbies have got smarter here since the last time we were here. They would sense our dilemma and take us on routes longer than the usual. That made us more determined that we have to get our licence at the earliest. At least you don’t get fooled and fleeced, as we did many many times. We tried our level best to remember landmarks so we don’t forget the routes to the schools but that didn’t help in any ways. As one wrong turn and your so called landmark is out of sight. The GPS on the phones also didn’t help much due to network issues. The waits at the schools after we called in for a taxi would get the kids restless…sometimes we waited endlessly at schools, sometimes at hospital…our only topic of discussion…wish we had a car….but for that MISSION LICENCE. So as soon as we had the necessary documents and Emirates ID…we started our mission to get the licence…..

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