Her ocean blue eyes
And her ashen face
Her quivering lips
An epitome of grace
Two crescent shaped brows
Enriche her molten eyes
A well sculpted figure 
Many a flaws can disguise
Her careless laughter 
Her sensuality innate 
Her picture perfect stance 
And her majestive gait 
Her smoky voice 
And looks so intense 
She is a natural 
With not an iota of pretence 
So childlike she seems
So unworldly and prestine 
She is an enchantress
A woman so divine 
She is fresh as a dew
And impetous as rain
She can effortlessly make you 
Fall in love once again 
A passionate heart
With a soul so pure 
With her mysterious ways 
She can easily lure 
Sometimes so well guarded
And at times so naive
Her presence so breathtaking 
Glory of envious eyes 
God’s unrivalled creation
His nonpareil theme
She is perfectly imperfect
And every mans dream

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