Till yesterday she was highly revered 
And referred to as an epitome of beauty and grace 
Today she stares at the mirror with blank eyes
Of remnants trying hard to find some trace 
She had blossomed well over the years 
She was vary of many an envious eyes
Her beauty was a source of inspiration to many 
Her pride she didn’t feel the need to disguise 
In days gone by, her innate beauty left people spellbound
She was surrounded by swarms of fake admirers 
They put her up on a pedestal so high 
Alas! at this moment she feels like a lone survivor
People distanced themselves as years passed by
As she wrinkled and lost her charm and poise 
All that never changed was her loving heart 
And for that she gave herself no choice 
The mirror tells her a tragic story today
Lines on her pale face have weaned people away 
Despite that nothing has changed for her 
A fading beauty she knows she will eternally stay

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